Excellent news from Doctor G. Blackburn

August 31, 2020
Dear Penelakut Community Members,
I am leaving Somenos Medical Clinic in Duncan on August 31 to increase my availability to Penelakut.
As of September 14, I will be at Penelakut Health Centre Mondays and Wednesdays.
For urgent issues on weekdays I can be reached through Penelakut Health Centre, and can arrange phone calls or telehealth visits if needed.
Dr Maki Ikemura will continue to visit every second week for maternity and young family care.
Nurse Practitioner Val Jefferd will continue to visit every Tuesday, returning from holidays on September 15.
I will continue to provide care at Cowichan District Hospital for Penelakut community members there. Dr Ikemura and other colleagues will also provide in-hospital care.
Your team at Penelakut Health Centre is planning for other new services so expect to hear more from us in the near future.
I want to acknowledge the support of Chief Joan Brown in this process.
I am excited and very grateful for the opportunity to work more at Penelakut Health Centre.
Yours in health and wellness.