Stewardship & Monitoring Program


Our land and waters provide us with food, beauty, wildlife, and a place to live.

It connects us to our ancestors, and is the basis upon which our community can grow and prosper

Gathering Knowledge

It will take time to restore balance. Through careful monitoring of the environment today, we can better identify sensitive habitats to protect as well as areas for sustainable use of natural resources.

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Joining traditional knowledge with modern science

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We listen to the community and to people experienced about the environment about where to focus our energy. From their collective wisdom, we use modern tools to undertake major projects that protect ecosystems, encourage growth of traditional foods and restore degraded ecosystems. This helps us achieve our goals of sustainably living in the present so that future generations may also thrive. The map below shows past, present and future projects related to stewarding natural resources.

Project Status
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Featured Projects

Village Wetland Fish Habitat Enhancement

Create connectivity between the ocean and the wetland to allow anadromous salmon spawning.

Time Frame

May 2023 - March 2025

General Location

Penelakut Village

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Bonsall Creek Riverscape Assessment

Scientific study of Bonsall Creek to inform a nature based recovery strategy

Time Frame

Nov 2023 - Nov 2025

General Location

Bonsall Creek estuary and stream east of the highway

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Recording the shoreline at low-tide

Marine Baseline Data Collection

To inform management of marine ecosystems

Time Frame


General Location

Lamalchi Bay, Shorelines of Penelakut, Thetis and Galiano Islands, Subtidal areas between islands

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Stewardship and Monitoring News

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Sep 28, 2023

New eelgrass video!

New video showing a clip of an important eelgrass bed in Lamalchi bay. We have installed a data logger that records dissolved oxygen, salinity, light, temperature, depth, current speed and direction. By collecting baseline data like this, we have something to compare to …
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Sep 28, 2023

Stewardship is building a new office!

Like fledgling eagles, the Stewardship team needs to move out of the family nest. By this time next year, the team will be located in their own building. More details will be released soon.
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