Economic Development

Penelakut Tribe has developed strategic planning for its Economic Development Department to use as a guideline for future and current opportunities.

They are working towards further investments for the community such as a Community Energy Plan, an Agriculture Feasibility Plan, and a Communal Store Feasibility Plan.

Penelakut Seafoods Inc.

Penelakut Seafoods, an initiative of the Penelakut Tribe, is in the process of building a shellfish aquaculture company from its current modest size to a full commercial, diversified scale. The company has long, but sporadically, been involved in the wild harvest of manila clams on its beaches. Starting in the last couple of years, Chief and Council has expressed firm support for expansion of the shellfish company, including provision of funds for activities like seeding clam beaches and commissioning the construction of oyster rafts.

Chemainus Salish Sea Market

Penelakut Tribe has recently expanded into the real estate industry as Spune’luxutth’ Holdings Inc. and purchased a building that is adjacent to the BC Ferries landing in Chemainus. This location was formerly known as the 49th Parallel general store but has been operating as Chemainus Salish Sea Market since February 2020. The goal will be to create a business that will suit the needs of the existing customer base, generate new customers, and have a sustainable operation.