Stewardship, Sustainability, Self-Sufficiency

The purpose of the Penelakut Stewardship and Monitoring Program (SMP) is to understand the many forests, ocean, estuary and stream ecosystems that reside within the Penelakut traditional territory. By listening to community members such as Elders, the SMP team learns how each of these ecosystems were in the past. We then measure these systems now to understand what change has happened. This helps us learn what are the most sensitive habitats that need protection, and which can be used for the benefit of the Penelakut Peoples.

aerial view of southern tip of Penelakut Island

By carefully managing our natural resources now (stewardship) decisions can be made about how to manage them for the future use of the Penelakut (sustainability), so that our culture will continue to thrive (self-sufficiency).

The SMP team is made up of passionate Penelakut community members  who have partnered with outside parties to exchange knowledge and receive training in field and data analysis methodologies used by the scientific world. This effort to merge traditional and modern methods will best steward and monitor the diverse range of habitats throughout our Territory.

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Before creation of fish habitat

After construction of fish habitat

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