Bonsall Creek Riverscape Assessment

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Scientific study of Bonsall Creek to inform a nature based recovery strategy

Time Frame

Nov 2023 - Nov 2025

General Location

Bonsall Creek estuary and stream east of the highway

Rivers and streams provide many ecosystem services to society such as freshwater for agriculture and drinking, beauty and recreational values, and, most importantly, they are critical habitats for many spawning and rearing aquatic species that are important to Indigenous Peoples. Streams that run through urban and agricultural areas often become degraded through overuse and over-development along their banks.

Penelakut stewardship staff inspecting a turbid Bonsall Creek

Riverscape assessment is a process to catalogue the current state of a stream and to identify what and where problem areas are so that land managers can take steps to fix those problems.

Possible didymo algae, an invasive species

In partnership with Halalt First Nation and the Nature Trust of BC, Penelakut technicians are collecting data on Bonsall Creek’s physical and ecological state. In other words, by understanding Bonsall Creek better, we can understand where barriers to fish passage or impacts to biodiversity exist. We then focus our efforts on rehabilitating those areas. This makes the project measurable, actionable, and responsible.

Physical Ecological Rehab
Width Species Presence Remove excess sediment
Gradient Biodiversity Clear invasive species
Substrate Spawning Plant beneficial vegetation
Water Level Migration Timing Install large woody debris

Bonsall Creek Estuary


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